BlueSmart: The safer and smarter to take your travel suitcase.


One more of those objects that surround us and are gaining connectivity from them, we have in mind a lot of possibilities by little we know the technology that is appearing. But it is always more interesting than someone do it for us and create an interesting product, as BlueSmart.

We speak of a suitcase, standard with wheels and handle, but with a lot of technology and applied to the incorporation of our gadgets design.

What’s new? As can be locked directly to your phone – or smartwatch – blow an alarm when we split it, and even comes with extra battery to charge any of our gadgets.


If you lose, the bag has a positioning system that allows us to locate it. But most striking is certainly possible to know how much it weighs within us, with a built in handle system.

Besides the possibility of charging devices, we compartments specially designed to carry a laptop, a tablet, or a gadget of similar dimensions.

The price that its creators want BlueSmart have on the market is $ 235, but like many initiatives circulating these days the world of technology, is looking for funding Indiegogo. For those that help the project, the price drops to $ 195.


By: Xataka

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