Cicret Bracelet projects a Touchscreen Right on Your Arm


If there’s anything the human body has been severely lacking is a useable touchscreen right there on our person. However, until cyborg technology grows by a few leaps and bounds, the chances of that happening are slight. There are other, less invasive, ways to get this kind of functionality, however. Look at this new bracelet which projects a bona-fide touchscreen right on your arm. It’s like being in a science fiction movie!



The appropriately named Cicret is a, well, circlet that wraps around your wrist. To the external observer it looks about the same as any other smart bracelet. This thing isn’t so concerned with tracking your vitals or becoming your personal trainer. It is, however, concerned with projecting a smartphone-like interface right on your arm. You can use pretty much any app your phone has access to, controlled right on your arm. Between this and Apple Pay, you might just never have to dig inside your pockets again, unless of course you just like the look of it.

The futuristic tech of the Circret isn’t available on store shelves yet. That would be too easy. Instead, the creators have taken to raising money on their website in order to finish this thing. Plunk down some bucks and reserve some space on your arm for Candy Crush. We aren’t sure how well this will work if you have a full arm-sleeve tattoo though.

By: CrunchWear

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  1. Vincent perry

    How can I get the covert braclet

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