Virtual reality will change our leisure experiences


We are in full fever IFA, the show about consumer electronics that are currently taking place in Berlin, and one of the most important developments has proved submitting Gear VR, bet Samsung in collaboration with Oculus to bring reality technology virtual users from their smartphones.

We take this opportunity to talk about it, but also to see how is the current situation of virtual reality, what players come into the fight for market dominance and what features intended to approach the public. Here we go.

Oculus Rift


We start at the beginning, and that forces to look directly at Oculus Rift, the invention of a small American startup that after a successful campaign page crowdsourcing, Kickstarter ($ 250,000 asking skipped over two and a half million) he began to work with would be the first virtual reality helmet of our technological age.

Shortly after the release of its second development kit Facebook entered the fray and acquired buying Oculus VR, the company behind Oculus Rift, a figure close to 2,000 million. Such injection will improve the product and make it cheaper for when the time to put it on store shelves come, but although all imagine that this will be sooner rather than later still no release date or estimated price range for sale the public.

Samsung Gear VR


After the rise of technology and check the overwhelming number of companies seeking to enter the race by virtual reality, Samsung decided to ally with Oculus to use its technology in its own virtual helmet that after intense speculation, yesterday presented with the VR Gear name.

In order to reach the market later this year, the idea behind this device is that we use display new Note 4 to work, allowing a field of view of 96 degrees and giving users the ability to upload multimedia content such as videos or game plus options more focused on education.

Project Morpheus


Another company that apparently does not want to miss the opportunity to leverage the current fame of virtual reality is Sony, which earlier this year introduced a virtual reality helmet called Project Morpheus for PS4. This would be a system clearly focused the world of videogames, but with Sony moving in all possible areas of technology, not be surprising end up seeing other content.

The differences to its closest rival, Oculus Rift, are integrating a 3D sound system to get a virtual reality experience as immersive as possible. That and the ability to play great games company in a way never seen to date, of course.

Virtual reality Valve


The last character of this story is the Valve team, known video game developer and creator of the Steam platform for PC, Mac and Linux. In the latter case the information is even scarcer than in the past and we only know that the project is ongoing and will soon be announced to the public.

Valve could be the company that later take the big step and which is now a multitude of fronts including the assault to the lounge and the inclusion of multimedia content on the Steam store is included.

So we change the virtual reality

Although the video game world is the main driver of this new craze for virtual reality, the truth is that not only the players will benefit from this experience. Imagine the possibilities of this technology in the film world, with users experiencing the excitement of the film from within, or for example the possibility to travel without leaving home with interactive videos that lead us to the most remote corners of the planet.

Not only that, the possibilities of these systems in scientific studies or medicine are untapped and are beginning to show their potential. One of the latest tests focused on placing a Oculus Rift device to the patient an operation so that the situation was less traumatic intervention by avoiding it completely, but also studied how they could help overcoming phobias and treating various pathologies.

By: Azztel

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