Seven trends that will shape the future of mobile commerce


What we expect from mobile commerce in the future? In what ways businesses, retailers will be able to reach increasingly connected customers? What actions are being implemented and what is the Trend? In Techcocktail examines some of the factors that will impact more strongly in the coming years.

Design “mobile” optimized

More slowly than expected, companies are adapting their websites to mobile environment. As the months pass, the user seems less willing to tolerate illegible texts, tiny buttons or a navigation bar that does not conform to the features of your smartphone.

From the side of the marks should not ignore the continuing importance of SEO in the mobile environment, with particular attention to not duplicate search results occur.

Coupons and discount codes

It is one of the classic strategies, but has and will continue to enjoy great health. Send coupon and promotions via SMS, Whatsapp, In App, or other instant messaging solutions will further encourage the purchase and loyalty of customers.

Codes to be able to be redeemed both in-store and on-line solutions provided by companies.

Liftoff of mobile payment

The fact NFC payments are testimonials moment does not mean we have not already seen this year the take up of mobile payments. More and more users who buy directly from their smartphone in stores dedicated as Amazon, Privalia, Zara, etc. not to mention the financial institutions with certain limitations, allow certain operations of our own terminal.

Without fear of connected consumer

The showrooming has been submitted for some time as the biggest fear for retailers. Consumers who observe what is in store for later decide to purchase online often getting a better price.

To combat this, many companies are beginning to discover that they can use the smartphone customers to precisely position the best deals. The use of technology as iBeacon or payment systems that avoid the queues, offering more information and a clever use of social networking causes the connected consumer wants to stay in the store.


Long live the credit card

Although companies like Amazon, Paypal or Google are making it possible for us to move on digital portfolio, the truth is they have not yet found a qualitative advantage over credit cards to convince the consumer. While the payment process is similar and the user uses the same time, will not have a convincing excuse to divest its portfolio trip.

A more personalized mobile marketing

The deployment of cloud and Big Data technologies are now allowing companies of all sizes better know their users. They know who we are, what we buy and how often do. Enter fully into the real personalized recommendations, suggestions yes align our real needs.

Mobile Marketing: the profession’s future

Claiming that the future lies in being in the smartphone or may not be, like a obviedad.Ahora But the way you are, how our objectives are achieved or how a company connects to its users is not so obvious. In fact, although more and more companies incorporate the Mobile Marketing marketing strategy is not always easy to find a winning formula, and what works in one case it is a complete waste of time and resources in another.

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