SmartEyeglass, Sony’s answer to Google Glass


Glasses that can run applications using your Android phone

No doubt fever Google Glass has dropped in recent months and now companies are more concerned about wear glasses technology such as virtual reality. Sony does not remove the finger from the line and has shown a prototype called SmarthEyeglass transparent lenses that are borrowed many features of its equivalent in Google, with improvements in some areas

The SmartEyeglass feature clear lenses 3mm thick where information can be projected interest through text or images on a monochrome screen. Has accelerometer, gyroscope and electronic compass, and a brightness sensor. The camera with CMOS sensor is located on the left lens and capture images of 3-megapixel or VGA video.

To not suffer for the battery, Sony has integrated a long battery life but ensures that the energy consumption of the SmartEyeglass is minimal thanks to the use of monochromatic screen. This is one of the differences Glass, and Sony says that opt for this type of display has advantages, such as reaching a brightness of up to 1,000 cd / m2.


The glasses have a small controller that is connected via cable. This control is the battery, buttons, microphone and a touch sensor. Another is that SmartEyeGlass depend on an Android phone and applications to run directly on the phone and not on glasses. These can be transmitted via Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n.

Sony hopes to attract more developers with the release of the SDK. At the moment the previous version allows applications to display text or bitmaps, take pictures and videos with the camera, or use the sensor data in real time to apply experiences handsfree or remote control.

By: Fayerwayer

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