There’s No Wrong Side Up With a Flippable Vacuum


Canister vacuums are lighter and more maneuverable than a stick-style vac, but you often have to keep running over to rescue them when they get stuck or even flipped upside down. To help alleviate both problems, the Vax AirRevolveĀ is designed as a self-contained cylinder with over-sized wheels that clamber over anything and clever engineering that allows it to keep on sucking no matter how it gets flipped.



Where the AirRevolve’s design really shines, though, is on stairs. Anyone who’s ever tried to precariously balance a canister vacuum on a step knows that eventually gravity will win and everything will come tumbling down. So the folks at Vax designed the AirRevolve to stand on its side with a compact footprint so that stairs no longer become an issue, and it won’t roll when you don’t want it to.



The AirRevolve also eschews annoying vacuum bags for a bin that’s easy to empty into the trash, and the controls for switching between carpets and hardwood floors are conveniently located on the handle so you never have to use your feet to change settings. At around $450 (available in UK now) it’s priced comparable to other high-end vacuums that promise to do more than just suck, and anything that can make the chore of vacuuming slightly less awful has to be worth every penny.

By: Gizmodo

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